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What is Counter-Strike 1.6?​


Counter-Strike 1.6 is an online multiplayer and best action game in history. It was developed and published by Valve since 2000 and added to Steam within its first launch in 2003. Since that time, CS 1.6 has been updated, fixed and got much better by time, until the latest release of the 48 protocol in 2009.

CS 1.6 gameplay is based on terrorism action, while Terrorist tries to make it work, the Counter-Terrorists have a mission to prevent it and to keep the safety of the population. The game contains different game modes (bomb planting/defusing, hostages taking/rescuing, VIP assassination/protection and much more...) which makes it one of the most attractive games for multiplayer until today!

Download CS 1.6​

CS 1.6 Download has never been easier, just give a visit to the mentioned website and start downloading the non-steam game free, full, safe and clean! Select one the cs 1.6 downloading methods (direct, torrent or google drive) and your download will start shortly.

This website offers a fast and secure download speed, with regular updates and latest installation algorithms. This will assure the best ease of use, download and install of the game and will let you start playing it within minutes!

Game features:

  • No costs, the game is totally to download, install and play.
  • Latest version, the game will be kept updated by time. Which means that the performance will get better, bugs fixed and missing files added!
  • Dual protocol which allows you to join and create 47+48 protocol servers without any problems!
  • HLDS and HLTV included to create servers and record professional demos with ease.
  • Metamod and Amxmodx include as the best server controlling system
  • Latest bots (press H to control)
  • In-Game advertisements are removed and disbaled!
  • Compatible with Sxe-Injection anti-cheating system
  • Ability to play offline (LAN or with bots) or online (servers).
  • Working Internet, Favorites, Lan and History game browser
  • Can be used as portable version (portable version also available in the website)

CS 1.6 Screenshots:​


Game modes:​

1. Bomb Planting
This is the most known and played cs 1.6 mode. This mode is about planting a bomb (C4) by the Terrorist team and the preventing and defusing procced by the Counter-Terrorists team.

The round starts by putting each of TRs and CTs teams in different spawn sites with the advantage given to CTs to protect the bomb sites which will be normally near to their spawn sites.

In the meantime, Trs team need to attack the bomb sites and plant the bomb which will lead to the last phase in which CTs have to defuse the bomb protected by Terrorists until the end of the timer!

2. Hostage Taking
The game mode as describes the title, in which the round starts by giving the advantage to the Trs team which will spawn near the hostages. In the other hand, CTs will spawn a little far away and need to make their way to rescue and save these hostages by taking them to a rescue zone.

The game ends if CTs succeed to take the hostages to rescue zone and they win, or the terrorists keep taking the hostages until the end of the round. However, if any of the teams get eliminated, the game ends automatically for the opposite team

3. VIP assassination
This is another cs 1.6 mode which is played in only a few maps. The game mode is about assigning a VIP member which is assigned to the CTs. So, while Counter-Terrorists tries to rescue him, Terrorists have a mission of taking him down.

This cs 1.6 mode is totally different from the hostages taking one. As the VIP member is a real player and armed with a pistol, and the CTs takes advantage by having the VIP with them at the round start. However, the Trs will be spawned in the rescue zone and can defend it in order to take him down.

The round ends by either taking the VIP down by Terrorists or by rescuing him by Counter-Terrorists. If nothing of the above happens and the time ends, the Tr team will win automatically!

Counter-Strike 1.6 Download

Counter-Strike 1.6 Download
Counter-Strike 1.6 [196 MB][.exe]

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Download
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero [377 MB][.exe]
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